Love or Hate: Crop Tops

The Crop top is a marmite item, either love or hate, but in the right way a crop to can make an outfit. It is a key piece to your wardrobe, either being used as a basic to layer upon or a statement for a night out, the crop top is versatile.

The crop top is by know means a new trend, it goes back hundreds of years with middle eastern belly dancers, these often involved tassels which moved when they did, this was also a great way not to overheat with your mid drift out.


From the 40’s crop tops quickly made there place in fashion, to be more conservative crop tops had a collar and short sleeve, this was so less of the body was revealed but had a sexy edge. Crop tops soon became and item of glamour when paired with a high rise skirt to support the hourglass figure, women would wear them to feel glamours. Pop culture had a huge impact in the crop top peak in the 70’s and 80’s, in the same way which celebrities have a huge impact on what people wear now.


Crop tops became very popular in aerobics classes in the 80’s with films like ‘Flashdance’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’ Baby wearing crop tops was very iconic and also very effortless, her style is one which you would often still see around today.

There was controversy when Madonna released lucky star music video with her black mesh crop to and the faze began. This along with the punk era and crop tops really took off! People felt that crop tops were more edgy, using of different fabric, sheer, mesh and net, the starting of underwear as outerwear and the sexuality of being able to see layers of your underwear within but still being covered.

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Clueless and Saved by the bell all played effort in the crop top making its appearance again in the 90’s. Saved by the Bell was watched by hundreds and a very iconic shows of the 90’s and Kelly Kapowski was always a big fan of the simple crop top. Britney Spears Oops i did it again music video also had a huge impact on school girls as she became an idol and got the crop top banded in schools. Seeing girls on screen revealing there mid drift also made core exercises more popular, the reasons why we today have pilates and Zumba.

The crop top like many fashions faded out over the year, but not for too long. Quickly in 2011/12 designers were bringing new crop tops onto the catwalk and showing new ways they could be worn. There is now a crop top for anyone.

Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Alexander Wang and  Alexander McQueen all brought into the idea, changing the shapes and silhouettes and made the re birth of the crop top.

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Of course the high street has embraced the crop top, and the reason why it is so popular today with Zara, Topshop, River Island, New Look, Urban Outfitters just a few to state many and online retailers like BooHoo, MissGuided and Asos. Making crop tops affordable but quality, there is also a crop top for any body shape and paired with a high rise jean its a great edge to a casual look. A crop top can always be an item you love when worn correctly.



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