Modest Outfit


This is what i have selected to be my modest outfit. My idea of modesty is to look elegant and show little flesh. Modesty means different things to each individual and different religions. Low top showing cleavage are often seen as un modest as they have sexual connotations with them. The same goes with shorts and skirt which show the thigh. Boot which go over the knee even though covering flesh some would not find modest as a lot of people find them sexual.

My outfit consists of a pair of jeans which are high waisted, some may not find these modest as they are a skinny fit but i feel these are modest for my age group as there is no skin showing. I have teamed this with a jumper which comes down low at the back covering the bum there is also a high neck therefor not showing much skin. I have also put a long coat as this has a high neck and long sleeves, also as the coat is oversized it not showing off the shape of the body.

With this outfit i would wear a simple pair of black boots without a heel and to make it more modest i could team it with a scarf and gloves so their was no neck or hands showing.





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