To conclude CCS i haven’t found it an enjoyable experience, i found the individual blog posts much more difficult than a one off essay as i’ve found this harder with the word count having to cut my words down at the end because i don’t enjoy writing short pieces of 250 words. I also didn’t like that the blogs don’t connect to each other and not on one subject and i would have liked them to be more about our presentation object as i think this would have also made it easier for us to do our presentations.


Modest Outfit


This is what i have selected to be my modest outfit. My idea of modesty is to look elegant and show little flesh. Modesty means different things to each individual and different religions. Low top showing cleavage are often seen as un modest as they have sexual connotations with them. The same goes with shorts and skirt which show the thigh. Boot which go over the knee even though covering flesh some would not find modest as a lot of people find them sexual.

My outfit consists of a pair of jeans which are high waisted, some may not find these modest as they are a skinny fit but i feel these are modest for my age group as there is no skin showing. I have teamed this with a jumper which comes down low at the back covering the bum there is also a high neck therefor not showing much skin. I have also put a long coat as this has a high neck and long sleeves, also as the coat is oversized it not showing off the shape of the body.

With this outfit i would wear a simple pair of black boots without a heel and to make it more modest i could team it with a scarf and gloves so their was no neck or hands showing.





Corsets over time


I am looking into how Corsets are very gender specific. Corsets have changed dramatically over time, being used for different things and being shown in a much more sexual context.

The main use of a corset is to pull in the woman’s waist and show off the always desired hour glass figure.  Fashion is always seen as something you do to make you look better, to show off or hide the parts of you that you like or dislike. People focus on their bodies a lot more in todays generation due to celebrities and the media in magazines, making alot of young girls and women wanting plastic surgery. We have a really destroyed view on how the human body can look and most isn’t possible as it is actually the work of photoshop not the person itself.

The corset became popular in the 16th century reaching its peach of popularity in the victorian era. The earliest image of a corset goes all the way back to 2000 BC. in 1840’s corsets were separate pieces overlocked together and gave roundness to the breasts and shaped the hips. Wood or steel was in the front of the corset to give structure and kept its shape. The materials were much more unattractive as they were just to be worn under clothes and were just very practical to pull your waist in. Now they are seen in a very sexual way with shops such as Ann Summers adapting them in different ways. They have also been made to be more comfy.

Corsets even though mainly for women can be used for other things too, in medical reasons men and women can wear an adapted version for a back support. Back in time some men also wore corsets this photo “the Perfect Gentleman” from 1959 has inspired many other men to consider waist training. (wearing a corset until you waist creates the shape.)

WilliamClark GentlemanW

Today corsets are worn mainly by woman but can be used for different reasons, sexual, fashionable and health and can be worn under or over clothes.

R&WH Symington







Journey of my Jacket


I am following a journey of one of my most loved and most worn items of clothing in my wardrobe which is my Karen Millen leather jacket.

The Jacket retails at £350 and its description on the Karen Millen Website is-

“The leather jacket has become a sartorial staple. Our signature biker jacket is crafted from soft leather that has been expertly dyed for an exquisite finish. This cool and sophisticated style features quilted elbow and shoulder panel detailing and silver zipped cuffs.”

The Jacket is made from 100% Leather which from Italy and the same leather which D&G uses for there bags. The lining is 100% Viscose and the trim is 100% polyurethane. The jackets are produced in their London Atelier. All designs are designed in house in London by a talented team of designers and pattern cutters. Lily England is the campaign stylist for Karen Millen and uses this jacket in the campaign along with dresses and shoe boots to make it edgy.

In the London team if a garment (not just this leather) doesn’t look good on every size from a 6-16 they will scrap it from their collection. They want women to feel equal and everyone to feel beautiful regardless of size.

The Jacket is only specialist dry clean and states “The nature characteristics of the dye in this garment mean that the colour may transfer onto other items of clothing or upholstery.”

After being designed in London and the leather sourced from Italy the garment is then produced in Mauritius which is where all of Karen Millens Leather Jackets are produced. There is no more information about what factory’s in Mauritius, only that the product is then looked over and tested for size and then if they are still not happy make changes, this prosses repeats until they are 100% happy with the item. Jackets get sent out to all trade ship





My First Blog

As a student moving from Southampton, choosing to study in Leicester was a big move for me and one i was very anxious about, this involved leaving my job as a stylist in Karen Millen which i found not only enjoyable but also rewarding as i was helping people feel confident about themselves. De Montfort being renowned for its Contour course and the impressive work which past students have achieved is something that does make me want to thrive to be my best and learn every skill. Designers who have always inspired me are Alexander McQueen as i love the tailoring of his garments and the amazing prints he creates and how he wants to make women look strong and independent. John Paul Gaultier is also someone who brings me a lot of inspiration from the silhouettes he used to underwear as outwear, i recently saw his exhibition at the Barbican and was amazed by the beauty and sheer detail in his garments up close, i would love to be able to make a garment to this standard.


The reason i am here is because i have a strong drive to success, i want to be able to learn skills which will carry me through this tough industry, develop my own style and learn industry skills so one day i will be knowledgeable enough to be able to start my own label.