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Eco Friendly – Zara


Zara has quickly became the worlds biggest fashion retailer, but through this there has been controversy. Being very well known for fast fashion and quoting they can get an idea into store within a short two weeks people wonder what this effect has on the environment.

Zara have started a campaign which they quote, “We are implementing an eco-friendly management model in our shops in order to reduce energy consumption by 20%, introducing sustainability and efficiency criteria. This management model sets out measures to be applied to all processes, including the design of the shop itself, the lighting, heating and cooling systems and the possibility of recycling furniture and decoration.” Being such a big company they had to make changes to avoid criticism.

They now aim to produce less waste, recycling hangers and alarms to be made into other plastic elements, the cardboard and plastic used in packaging is also recycled. They go one step further and educate there staff in sustainable practices, such as limiting energy consumption, using sustainable transport and modifying behavior patterns.

There has been thought into the products they produce, using ecological fabrics and organic cotton, they use biodiesel fuel in lorries when transporting goods, all contributing factions to cut down on Co2 emissions.

I feel like Zara have made a good effort into making there company more eco friendly. I feel like them training there workers about this is one of the most important things as they could have all of these policies but if they weren’t being followed through they would be pointless.